For Women – 6 Sports to Enjoy


Long gone are the days where women were thought not to need to practice sports as much as men, as they have proven over time that they can excel as well as males.

If you’re a woman wishing to get into sports or a man wanting to encourage a woman, perhaps this little list will help you.


Featured image For Women 6 Sports to Enjoy Football - For Women - 6 Sports to Enjoy

This is by far the most popular sport worldwide, as every country has a team and fans to support it. If you are a woman looking to strengthen your lower body and increase your muscle resistance, football is the right sport to fit your needs.

Although its international status is appealing, it also means this is a very competitive field to play.


Featured image For Women 6 Sports to Enjoy Tennis - For Women - 6 Sports to Enjoy

Although this sport is played one-on-one, or in teams of two, you will always need to play against someone else. This serves every woman to make some female friends and enhance their socializing skills, as you will constantly need to be involved with the community.

If you are interested in playing tennis, all you need is a ball and a racket.


If you are looking to improve and exercise your hand-eye coordination, this sport is going to be your best friend. Consider you will also need to have or develop your lower body strength and a lot of equipment to play.

Being a great runner will set you off for success in Lacrosse teams, but you can always learn as you go.


Featured image For Women 6 Sports to Enjoy Volleyball - For Women - 6 Sports to Enjoy

Playing volleyball appeals to many women for several reasons, as it is a wholesome sport that can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to get in shape and have fun. If you want to get into this sport, you will only need a ball and kneepads.

Although it comes across as less demanding than sports like football, it requires top-shape conditions.

Field Hockey

Featured image For Women 6 Sports to Enjoy Field Hockey - For Women - 6 Sports to Enjoy

This is a variant of the traditional ice hockey where players dispute the matches on green open fields instead of ice courts. If you have excellent hand-eye coordination and top lower body strength, joining a field hockey team could be a good idea.

Team playing skills are also a must, but you can learn those as you get more involved in the sport.


Featured image For Women 6 Sports to Enjoy Swimming - For Women - 6 Sports to Enjoy

If you are in absolute top-shape and wish to dedicate your time to a demanding and wholesome sport, you should take up swimming. Although the most famous form of female swimming is synchronized style, there are also spots for women to compete with other techniques. This is the perfect sport for strengthening your body without any joint impact.

You should keep in mind every woman can benefit from practising any kind of sport, as these activities improve your physical condition and your mental health. If any of these sports seem appealing to you, Ladies Irish Open encourages you to find a way to get started as soon as you can.

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