Our Sponsors

Sponsors play a big role in the maintenance of Ladies Irish Open, as they provide much-needed resources we would otherwise have a hard time accessing.

We want to let you know about those companies and individuals that offer their help to us since we believe in acknowledgement as the ultimate form of appreciation.


Featured image Our Sponsors Dell - Our Sponsors

Keeping an online magazine running smoothly requires the most outstanding computer technology and Dell has approached us to help with this.

Although Dell isn’t a sports dedicated company, they have long ago committed to supporting golf events and golf-related assets. We are honoured to be using their products to work in our magazine.

Gabrielle O’Hara – Golfer

Featured image Our Sponsors Gabrielle O’Hara – Golfer - Our Sponsors

This wonderful woman has seen fit to sponsor us with tickets to events and VIP passes to help us get a better look into the industry. She is an outstanding Irish golfer and opening up these windows to us has improved the quality of our articles.

 Keep an eye out for her participation in important amateur golfing tournaments, as you will be amazed.

We are ever thankful to these sponsors for investing in the Ladies Irish Open and the time behind the magazine, as they have held our hand through our growing process. If you too wish to become a sponsor, you can contact us and let us know how you can help.

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