About Us

We are an all-female team put together by our founder Brooke Burgess, as she realized female golfers need to have more platforms to strengthen the community.

Although we are all professionals in other careers, every member of the team is or was a golfer and we all share the same passion for this sport.

Ladies Irish Open

Featured image About Us Ladies Irish Open - About Us

If you are looking for a digital magazine to keep you updated in the most relevant news regarding female golf events, this is the place to go to. In our magazine, we strive to produce interesting content, as we believe this is the best way to achieve our goals.

Tightening up the bonds between female golfers and helping everyone stay motivated is what keeps the Ladies Irish Open up and running every day. Evaluating different events and what is required of female golfers provides us with a never-ending stream of information to share.

Our Wonderful Readers

Featured image About Us Our Wonderful Readers - About Us

Since we receive a lot of feedback from many of our readers, we are always improving our skills and exploring new topics to discuss within the female golfing world. More and more readers add to our magazine’s already loyal and proactive reader base. You too can make Ladies Irish Open your go-to magazine for all things female golf and become a part of the group of wonderful readers that enjoy our content.

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